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    Key Features:
Water cooled, four-stroke, and single cylinder is the best-performing engine in its class.
Comfortable interior with steering wheel, left-side foot brake pedal and right-side foot accelerator pedal, center-mounted console shifter and parking brake lever, turn-to-start ignition switch, indicator lights and 12V accessory outlet.
Come standard with power winch. 4WD and differential lock prevent vehicle getting stuck on difficult terrain.
Fully automatic transmission is the most advanced drive system in UTVs. An automatic centrifugal clutch which maintains constant belt tension for reduced belt wear and front/rear-wheel downhill engine braking.
Instant Electronic switch 4WD feature lets you toggle between 2WD and 4WD with the simple push of a button.
Digital instrument adds greater visibility, versatility, and allows rider to keep track of speed, water temperature, engine rotate speed, mileage, and time.
New hoods and headlight design. New alloy rims. Front and rear disc brake system with independent suspension on 4 wheels.
A five-way preload-adjustable shock ensures maximum handling and comfort.
Five-position lever with L, H, N, R, and P gates.

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