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Paul Honse, owner-operater of Honse’s Auto Service and Parts on U.S. 27 in Huntsville, has recently expanded his business to include Honse’s Power Sports, which is, in effect, a dealership of Massimo ATVs and UTVs, and also Q Link ATVs and UTVs.

The introduction of the FrontRunner and Roedo models to Scott County just a month ago marks just the latest in a series of expansions of his business, which was established in 2001 with little more than “a few used tires, a bunch of wheel weights and my own tools,” he stated.

But getting to that point was a struggle in itself.

When Paul Honse moved from Ohio to Scott County in 1991, he did so for a couple of reasons.

One, he liked the country style of life and, two, his wife, Lois, was a native Scott Countian.

His background had been in the automotive repair sector, having attended a General Motors speciality school as well as Owens Technology College in Ohio.

But when he got here, he couldn’t find work in his chosen field. So he went into the local factories, working first at Hartco, then Oneida Wood Industries, followed by American Bag Corp., and, finally, Wabash National.

When Wabash closed its doors here, however, federal NAFTA educational grants were made available to the laid-off employees, and he chose to use his share by taking automotive-related courses at both the local Tennessee Technology Center, as well as at Somerset Community College.

That led to the Technology School recommending Honse for a mechanic’s opening at Jim Lutes’ service station (now Honse’s).

“When Jim retired, he ended up selling the business to me,” Honse said, pointing out that other than the garage building itself, all he had to offer was his training and “used tires and wheel weights.”

Little by little he began to build up the business, gradually getting modern equipment, new tools and a willingness to put in the hours necessary to get a business off the ground.

At first, the only thing he had to sell was service, but he says he quickly picked up a lot of business.

Then came the used cars and trucks, several brands of new tires, and, most importantly, a growing reputation for providing quality service.

While building up the business, he said he hired “three or four” different individuals to work part time to help out in the garage.

And then along came Harry Donaghy, a man of many talents, including automotive mechanic skills, sales ability, computer experience, etc., who he hired as his first full-time employee.

With Donaghy taking part of the work load off Honse in the garage, he began think about his first major expansion, which included an addition to the garage, and a contract to be an Auto Value Parts Store and Service Center.

Once done, Donaghy became the Parts Manager.

Through the years, Honse says, he has worked on everything “from farm tractors and semis, to wheel chairs and lawn and garden equipment.”

And now, of course, ATVs and UTVs can be added to the list, as parts and service comes with the sales of his latest expansion (Honse’s Power Sports).

Honse says about a year ago, he and Donaghy were “surfing the web” and came across the Q Link site. Once he had a look at the FrontRunners and Rodeos and the warranties that came with them, he got interested.

“And we started looking into the history of the company, which has been around since 1988,” Honse said.

He studied the company, and its products before actually making contact with Q Link officials.

But it wasn’t long before he made the decision to become a dealership — that this was the perfect time and place to get into the ATV business, despite the state of the local economy.

And, now, just a month after putting the first arrivals on the lot, “business has been good,” he says.

“Providing quality parts, sales and service is what this business is all about,” Honse said, adding: “That’s what I want people to know.”

But watching people hop on one of his new ATVs or UTVs for a test drive give him a pretty good feeling, as well.

— Reprinted from the April 11, 2013, edition of the Oneida Independent Herald newspaper.